Andy and I first started to plan out Pluto on the 27th February 2014. We originally had development-slotted another game based work [titled Ash.Land] for the beginning of 2014, but decided instead that Pluto was a concept that just wouldn’t lie down. Over the next few months we’ll be revealing more of just how Pluto initially gestated, but to start us off here’s a screenshot from one of Pluto’s primary inspirations, a prototype gameworld that Andy keeps in his always squirming “one-day-will-be-developed” bag of tricks. This protogame is called The Valley:


Screenshot from Andy’s “The Valley” Protogame

….and just so you don’t feel like we’re being too opaque with stretching out our #Plutogame origin story [seriously, how good are origin stories?], here’s 3 of the original promo posters we designed as soon as we stamped a sparkling red “Let’s do this!!” approval all over our initial Pluto ideas [and yes, there will be more about that in future updates].

Pluto Promo Poster 1

Pluto Promo Poster 2

Pluto Promo Poster 2

 Pluto Promo Poster 3