AtDD Streamer Highlights: SolaarNoble

Howdy folks! Since it’s been a while since we’ve dived in with an All the Delicate Duplicates “constructo” [yep, that’s my code word for “typing in words that sum up our AtDD dev experience”] update, I’ve decided to start snippet-documenting some lovely Streamer reactions when playing AtDD, as there are so many priceless ones out ...

AtDD Advisory Mem Fracturing 1 of 1

Announcing: A New Slickfest AtDD Trailer

  This fab trailer [if we do blurb so ourselves] was made with the help of The TrailerFarm, who were awesome, speedy, had great ideas and were fun to work with. Also, a big ruddy thanks goes to Guy Harris for the spot-on voice rendition of John, one of AtDD‘s main protagonists. [Fun fact: during ...

AtDD Installation at GameCity

Best Overall Game Award Goes to…All The Delicate Duplicates!

Amazingly tingle-fueled news: All The Delicate Duplicates has won the Open Arcade “Best Overall Game” Award at this years Game City Festival! Three games were nominated for this Best Overall Game Award, our very own, Akuto and The Last Leviathan. In short: WOOT!  

Press Release

All the Delicate Duplicates at EGX

From our rampantly-overexcited-news-department, we’re chuffed to report that All the Delicate Duplicates is now on show at EGX in Birmingham!  Our frenetic producer, Tam, is deftly handling demoing our latest build, and this particular demo is now playable for the first time ever as a worldwide exclusive at EGX, hosted by the Leftfield Collection. Sponsored by SEGA, the Leftfield Collection ...