Pluto Flyby

On this momentous day where the planet Pluto [should that be written instead as “dwarf-planet Pluto”?!] is being mapped by the New Horizons space-probe flyby, we thought we’d post our own humble “Pluto Flyby” [see above] showing some in-project footage from our work. Enjoy.


#PlutoGame Evolution Snippets

Andy and I first started to plan out Pluto on the 27th February 2014. We originally had development-slotted another game based work [titled Ash.Land] for the beginning of 2014, but decided instead that Pluto was a concept that just wouldn’t lie down. Over the next few months we’ll be revealing more of just how Pluto ...


Pluto and the Distortion of Time

Pluto has been under development now for a long time. It’s evolved out of previous Campbell/Breeze collaborations such as The Dead Tower, #PRISOM and #CARNIVAST, in conjunction with raw experimentation, short fiction, Mezangelle, and even artwork produced in the mid-1990s on the Commodore Amiga. In parallel, Pluto itself narratively toys with the concept of time, offering a ...